Mazatlan begins lifting requests for works for rural areas

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Staff of the Public Works Department toured the communities of La Mora Escarbada, La Mole, La Sábila and El Moral, to verify and attend to the needs raised by the inhabitants of the rural area during the last Open Cabildo that took place in El Quelite, Mazatlán.

Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez, head of the unit, said that, accompanied by his work team, he visited the aforementioned towns to make a survey of the requests for works that they requested from the Municipal Government.

He mentioned that the biggest problem was detected in La Mora Escarbada, due to a deteriorated concrete ford that when it rains leaves the residents incommunicado, so they will build an elevated bridge to facilitate the transit of the inhabitants of El Vainillo and La Mora Escarbada.

He said that in La Sábila an embankment ford will also be built with stone, so that the inhabitants can reach other communities by vehicle, in El Quelite a roof will be built in the Children’s Garden and some repairs will be made in the primary school of the place . On the other hand, in the town of La Mole, two bathrooms are going to be built in the square, and in the community of La Mora they will work once the rainy season is over to regenerate two streets that are located on a hill.

“We went for the topic of seeing everything that came out in Cabildo Abierto and following up on all that part, which in this case we went to see everything that was, we did the tour in La Mora Escarbada, we went to La Mole, we went to La Sábila, we went to El Moral, those were the towns to see what the needs were that they requested in what was the Cabildo Abierto; do the lifts to do it soon, ”he commented.

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Núñez Gutiérrez considered that in a period of 15 and 20 days they will have the results of the survey they made of the actions to be carried out in the rural area and later through the Social Welfare area they will carry out the works with the City Council’s own resources.

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