Mayor of Cuautitlán Izcalli breaks the bell rope in the middle of the Cry of Independence (video)

State of Mexico.- Last night, Wednesday, September 15, the leaders of each state and municipality of Mexico gave the Cry of Independence but Mayor of Cuatitlán Izcalli, Ricardo Núñez Ayala, had an incident in the middle of the event.

The Mayor of Cuatitlán Izcalli broke the cord with which he intended to sound the campaign, however the mayor continued with the ceremony of the Scream.

The moment was recorded and circulates on social networks, in the video you can see how Núñez Ayala holds the cord and rings the bell on one occasion, however, on the second attempt the rope I know breaks and causes the surprise and laughter of the people who were present at the ceremony.

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The Cry of Independence was held in the Municipal Esplanade of Cuatitlán Izcalli, in the State of Mexico, which was carried out virtually due to the Naraja Traffic Light due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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