Marysol Sosa gives her opinion on the alleged sale that Sarita Sosa made of a José José house

Mexico. In recent days it was made public on several news portals that Sarita Sosa, the youngest daughter of the singer Jose jose, who died in September 2019, would have sold one of the singer’s houses.

The sale of said house would have been made by Sarita without consent of his half brothers José Joel and Marysol Sosa, and it is the latter who talks about the issue.

In a meeting that Marysol had with the media in Mexico City, she thinks on the subject that this will have to be consulted by her lawyers, since Sara would have to hold them accountable her, her brother and Anel.

This house is where Sarisa and her mother Sara Salazar live in Miami, United States, because the property was bought in a 30-year mortgage signed by José José, this so that Noreña ring don’t have the power to intervene in any way.

José José spent his last years with his wife Sara Salazar and daughter Sarita Sosa. Photo: Instagram @josejoseoficial

And through a press release, Marysol wrote this:

“If all these things are true, personally I think they are only getting into more trouble, I could comment on them even there. They (Sara Salazar and Sara Sosa) have to give us an account. “

“If they, say Mrs. Salazar and my half sister Sara, believe that the Mexican will is not valid, it does not mean that the document does not exist and is not valid. The laws are the ones that will determine what is authentic and what is apocryphal “, he also adds.

Let us remember that Anel Noreña was officially named universal heir in the will that was read in Mexico City last April and is days away from taking possession of what corresponds to him in said inheritance.

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And José Joel, for his part, in recent days also shared to the press that if Sarita continues to act improperly, she could get into very serious legal problems, even go to jail.

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