Martín Ahumada’s government operates like fascism: Julio Iván Villicaña

Guasave, Sinaloa.- Faced with the appearance of a person characterized as AMLO in the baseball game, who showed a canvas exposing the supposed increase in the salary made by the councilmen, Julio Iván Villicaña He stated that very regrettable actions are being taken, mainly because a lynching is taking place against the members of the highest authority of the municipality, which is the Guasave City Council.

I point out that it is easy to realize that said social lynching is orchestrated from the municipal authority itself, because it is the same directors and top-level officials, including the secretary, who are sharing the publications and some images in which they propose ‘out of town, out trustee or attorney ‘.


“Obviously it is completely breaking with a governing body and proposing that the Guasave government be led by a single person,” he stressed, noting that these actions cause the social mood to heat up.

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I detail that the most important thing is that it comes about false facts, about made-up and simulated facts that is an alleged increase of 62 percent in council members and that the point was made clear in the press conference that took place last Tuesday.

He stressed that the statement is false and will be announced on the 15th when the salary of the councilors is paid.

“No modification to the salary table has been passed through the council to allow an increase to councilors or any other official,” he said.

In the same way, he commented that it is a very delicate situation, since he had never seen it, and worse still, because business organizations and civil associations are lending themselves to follow this game of lynching and media propaganda against municipal authorities.


The councilor mentioned that what he and his companions see is that it is a very clear attack against Morena and President López Obrador, because using his name and the fourth transformation is intended to misrepresent data and words, when this is a practice totally contrary to the fourth transformation.

He pointed out that the media lynching of which the president of the republic was always the object, are the strategies that right now from a municipal government are being used to discredit and to capture public opinion against municipal authorities.

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“It is a sensitive issue and it goes totally against the strategies of our president of the republic and of the fourth transformation,” he highlighted. ‘


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