Marko Cortés after reelection in leadership of the PAN; PAN members accuse irregularities

Mexico.- Marko Cortés is shaping up to be re-elected What national leader of PAN, after he registered and was the only candidate who managed to gather the necessary signatures, while other party members accuse irregularities in the process.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Marko Cortés registered for his re-election as leader of the National Executive Committee (CEN) of the PAN, with which it is practically certain that he will remain at the head of the party until November 2024.

In social networks, Cortés stressed that he obtained the support of more than 110 thousand PAN members with their signatures, so he said he was excited to endorse himself as the national president of the PAN.

“It fills me with emotion to be back in our house to endorse myself as national president. I am here with the support of more than 110 thousand PAN members who signed for this project and with my payroll, a great team that will work so that the PAN is the option that Mexico needs, “he wrote.

The PANists Adriana Davila and Gerardo Priego placeholder image they were out of the contention for the leadership as they were unable to gather the 27,000 necessary signatures, and the arbitrator ignored the complaint filed last week by former deputy Dávila.

Marko Cortés was the only candidate who gathered the necessary signatures for the election of the PAN. Photo: Twitter

In his claims, he accused the National Election Organizing Commission (Conecen) of simulate internal process in favor of Cortés, for which he filed a complaint with the Conecen and another with the INE so that the signatures are compared with those of the National Registry of Members, since he also accuses signature forgery.

“This Conecen has allowed, has allowed to pass and the most serious thing, has been silent in the face of all kinds of abuses and electoral crimes. Its complicit silence is also the result of the party that we have today,” said Dávila.

The PAN leader has been maneuvering for several months to gain control of the so-called “padroneros” or state chiefs, according to the newspaper. Reform, whose help would have been crucial in gathering the signatures needed for reelection.

The third candidate, Gerardo Priego, did not even appear and the National Executive Council of the PAN could not communicate with him, although he had also accused irregularities in the process, such as co-opting of members, manipulation, forgery of signatures, among other things.

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In the event that the signatures of Marko Cortés are validated and their registration is approved by the Organizing Commission, the National Council of the PAN will be notified, which will determine in a maximum of 15 days whether the process continues or the reelection of Cortés as PAN leader is specified. .

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