Maradona: The “Hand of God”, the goal that put Argentine chroniclers in debate

Mexico City.- One of the goals that will never be forgotten will be the “Hand of God” scored by Diego Armando Maradona in the World Cup Quarterfinal match in Mexico 86 against England, inside the prestigious Azteca Stadium. Mayor of Coyoacán.

The “Pelusa” or “El Barrilete Cosmico” as it was named that same day by Víctor Hugo Morales, one of the most recognized Argentine narrators in Latin America and the entire planet earth after making history by scoring two magic goals against the English on that June 22, 1986

The first of them surprised more than one hundred thousand people in the Colossus of Santa Úrsula as in full television and radio transmission. Although in a play with Jorge Burruchaga and Jorge Valdano, Diego Maradona entered the area of ​​former goalkeeper Peter Shilton trying to finish off an aerial service from Valdano, which was impossible to obtain due to the sight of the pitch.

On the other hand, the “10”, with the support of his left hand, won the jump to the goalkeeper and the ball ended up in the north header. The explosion and effusive was heard by each of the Argentine media as it was a goal that neither the Tunisian referee, Ali Bin Nasser, nor his assistants canceled even though they had a clear view of the goal that Maradona scored with the “Hand of God”.

The taking of the cameramen and the photographers themselves in the Mundialista Stadium did not give a concrete image of their was with the head or with the hand, so much so that different opinions were heard on the various radio and television networks until they entered into full debate match between Argentines and English.

“Argentine Goool, Diegol, Diego Armando Maradona” continued Víctor Hugo Morales, “He jumped with his hand for me, sending the ball over Shilton to make the goal, for me the goal was with his hand, I shout it with my soul but I have to tell them the hand I see it clearly and in the story I say that it was with the hand, “said the chronicler during that match.

Meanwhile in the radio studios where he works in Argentina, his colleague Ricardo Scioscia corrected his words until he said: “It was with his head, Víctor Hugo, with his head, there is no doubt.”

This moment caused an impression and division of opinions, as Víctor Hugo himself tried to shield himself with the monitor that he had at his side that morning to find out about doubts, however, there was nothing clear, so the collaboration of journalists and photographers themselves Several agencies tried to review their shots to see if there was an accurate image of the goal.

One of those who were behind Shilton’s goal obtained a photograph that amazed, since the hand was next to the ball, but that was discovered hours after the end of the game, while in full live broadcast the Argentine narrators continued to explain their own vision of the play.

José María Muñoz of Radio Rivadavia, the only station in Buenos Aires that bought the rights to México 86, also had the honor of talking about that goal, which he warned was by hand, however his mistake was the name of the author of the goal of the albiceleste.

“Goal goal goal, Mardona Maradona, .. oh, how nice you have done this, Enrique, ehh Diego. What happiness you have given to all of America.” He was mistaken for the adrenaline of the song, because at his side Héctor Enrique Márquez was with him in the broadcasting booth, with whom he exchanged a word to confirm whether Diego Maradona’s auction was hand or head.

That June 22, 1986, channels 2,7,9,11 and 13 of Buenos Aires televised the game, all like the audience, supported by the same TV to have a vision of the actions. On Channel 7, Mauro Viale said “Headshot” but his analyst Óscar Gañete Blasco mentioned “They claim a hand and maybe if he touched it.”

On Channel 13 Carlos Parnisari argued “Maradona’s head” and until the third repetition he was sincere when he said on national television “I shout it with my soul, I shout it as an Argentine. But for me it was with my hand. Along with him was Rolando Hanglin and Leopoldo Luque, as commentators, who cautiously said that “Maradona jumped with both hands.”

While Osvaldo Ardiles, former world champion with Argentina, was commenting on the duel for the BBC in London, which was his most complicated participation, according to his words after the claims that were in the transmission, stating that he did not notice the hand but if he lived a tense continuity of the party of the Century, as the author Andres Burgo baptized it in his work: “The party (of the century) Argentina-England 1986”.

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