Man shoots his pregnant wife to death in Argentina

Argentina.- Sabrina Susana, 27, was anxious to have her baby, she was ten weeks pregnant, however her husband shot her life Wednesday night in Ramos Mejía, ArgentinaAfter committing the crime, the man took his life in the same way.

On the night of Wednesday, September 15, residents of the Don Bosco neighborhood in Ramos Méjia heard Sabrina’s desperate screams along with several shots, for which they called for help from the emergency services, which arrived at the scene.

The parents of Ezequiel, the aggressor and Sobrina’s partner, live in the apartment next to where the events occurred, despite hearing the cries for help, they preferred not to get into the situation.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found a terrifying scene, the woman was lying on her bed with three shots, above her was Ezequiel also lifeless with a 9-millimeter pistol, which she posted on her social networks.

Niece Susana had two shots to the chest and one in the elbow as he tried to defend himself, according to the investigations, Ezequiel took his life by shooting himself in the back after killing his partner.

Previously, there was no record of complaints for gender violence, and Susana’s family ruled out the presence of violence in the relationship, it is believed that the femicide It was related to what the young woman just told him that she was ten weeks pregnantAt the scene of the events, the ultrasounds and medical studies were scattered on the floor.

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The La Matanza Homicide Specialized Prosecutor’s Office was in charge of the necropsy and the investigation, to find out what was the real reason for the femicide.


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