Man crushed to death by his own car while trying to buy a hamburger

Canada.- Tony Eyles is the name of the man, father of two and honest worker, who passed away while trying to buy a hamburger in a McDonalds in the city of Vancouver, Canada.

It was last September 14, around 05:30 a.m. when the police received the report that a man had been caught by the door of his vehicle and that he needed emergency services to come to the scene.

Apparently, when Tony was going to pay for the hamburger, he took out his credit card, however before he could give it to the franchise worker, he dropped it, so he decided to open the door and reach for the plastic.

Suddenly, the car started to move forward and in a blink of an eye Tony was getting crushed through the door of his car, which was pressed by an object from the McDonalds facilities, and with the continuous march of the vehicle, which would cause his death.

Tony worked as an elevator mechanic and was the father of two children, one six and one eight years old, both too young to understand the kind of accident that has taken their relative from them.

“He knew a lot of people, he touched a lot of people. But his life was so short that people should understand the loss he represents, not only for us, but also for his family, friends, co-workers, everyone,” said his brother-in-law. Neal Pender told Global News on Friday.

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About Tony’s wife, Pender affirmed that she was devastated and that with this fatal accident, it was very difficult to look her in the eyes, since the smile that characterized her has been erased from her face.

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