Maluma and Donatella Versace unleash romance rumors; she takes him almost 20 years

United States.- Last Monday the WITH Gala, the world’s most famous fashion charity event, and Donatella Versace She was one of the best dressed of the moment, but she did not do it alone, but well accompanied by Maluma.

The famous fashion designer, in charge of Versace, paraded on the red carpet of the MET Gala with an elegant white dress with gold details, but very well accompanied, nothing more and nothing less than the singer, who was dressed by herself.

Maluma He wore a red leather suit with silver details, becoming one of the best dressed men of the famous event, all thanks to the fact that Donatella She was in charge of dressing him and offering him all the comforts during his attendance.

Maluma and Donatella Versace unleash romance rumors; she takes him almost 20 years

Everyone was shocked to see how happy Donatella was with Maluma, because they emphasize that she is a too special woman, who rarely communicates in the best way with other men, but with him she was a great exception.

Some photographs captured the incredible and happy moments that the two artists spent together, it was even highlighted that they were very close to each other, which immediately sparked all kinds of rumors, the most prominent being that they maintain a secret relationship.

And although it seems crazy, many Internet users consider this to be a reality and Maluma maintains a secret relationship with Donatella Versace. One of the greats of Latin music and the designer of the moment for one of the most famous fashion houses in the world.

So far no one has referred to it, so everything remains as a rumor that emerged on the Internet, but seeing their photographs on social networks makes everyone believe that there is indeed something more than friendship between these two celebrities.

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The great impact is the age difference, because while Maluma has barely 27 years old, Donatella Versace have 66That is, it would take almost twenty years for whoever could be her boyfriend. It will be a matter of waiting to find out if either of the two refers to the issue.


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