Lupe’s Team and ‘Los Un deseados’, masters of the Mazatlán 2021 torch relays

Mazatlan.- The Lupe’s Team and Un Deseados teams showed their speed and endurance to become the champions of the 69th edition of the Torch Relay, an event that returned after two years of absence and which brought together more than 100 Mazatlan runners in the track of the Benito Juárez Sports Center.

A true night of competition and sportsmanship was lived in this port with the National Relays. The teams proved their worth to win the bag of 43 thousand pesos to be distributed.

The women were the first to take to the track in the maximum competition. Photo: Courtesy Imdem.

The ladies

The race started with all the energy of the female branch. The Lupe’s Team girls quickly took advantage of their competitors. Little by little and with a marked distance, the students of the “Profe” Guadalupe López did the relays, and only the Urbanianos Team made them second.

Already in the last section, Norma Labrador pressed the accelerator and closed a time of 9.58.16, so that Lupe’s Team took first place. Urbanianos Team finished in second place, with 10.50.25, and in third place, Trimaz RG, with 11.18.59.

Lupe’s Team, the 2021 women’s champions. Photo: Courtesy Imdem.

In the manly

In the men’s part, the relay race was one of the fastest in years. The Unwanted team smoothly took first place thanks to a time of 7.53.56. Juan De Dios Leyva was in charge of crossing the final goal for the team that represented Dober Sport and making the club explode in joy in the stands.

The BH Finets team ranked second with a mark of 8.07.86, followed by Vegas Venados with 9.02.90.

‘The unwanted’ reign in the male branch. Photo: Courtesy Imdem.

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In the 12-13 Years category, Guadalupe Ramírez (4.16.23), from Casas Coci, won in the women’s division, while Alberto Esquivel (4.36.74), also from Coci, was the best in the men’s.
In the 14-15 division, the fastest were Fidel Hernández (4.50.14), from Pegasos, and Reyna Labrador (5.30.25), from Lupe’s Team. In these races 13 thousand pesos were distributed.

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At the end, the awards ceremony was held where Imdem authorities were involved, who gave the economic prizes to the champions.

More than 100 local runners attended the event. Photo: Courtesy Imdem.


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