Lucía Méndez willing to help her ex-boyfriend Salvador Pineda financially

Salvador Pineda 70 years old, he was one of the leading men in the 1960s, in addition to having a great talent which led him to make several films with stars of his generation such as Andrés García and Lucía Méndez, the latter being his girlfriend for a long time. time causing a stir.

For those who do not know, Salvador Pineda suffered a spectacular fall in his home, which immediately took him to the hospital, fracturing his hip, as well as his leg, for which he was hospitalized for several days, although he left the place, since the expenses were excessive, so he continues to suffer from problems resulting from the injury, which is why his ex-girlfriend Lucía Méndez wants to help him.

Despite the fact that their romance took place in the eighties and ended on good terms, each one continued with his career, but it is now that Lucía Méndez herself said she is willing to help the Mexican actor with whom she lived wonderful moments, as the artist assures esteem him with the wonderful years they had together.

“I love him and I love him and let’s see what we can do for him definitely, they tell me what account I put the money in, I’m not a multimillionaire either, but I would put a good amount on it,” said Lucía Méndez, who is still active in the world of entertainment with several projects on the horizon, since she has never stopped working in addition to renewing herself, since she loves staying active.

“She is showing that she is in the good and the bad and that she is a great companion who is not everything they say and do not show it to Lucía”, “Divine justice. I am not happy at all about the evil of others, but very bad who behaved and spoke when pregnant Mayra Alejandra QEPD and not knowing her paternity. What is done here, is paid here, “the networks write.

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It is worth mentioning that Salvador Pineda has not had a job in recent years, so his fans regret that actors of his stature are not given priority, who have always left their mark on the small screen for a long time.

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