Lovely! Nailea Vidrio falls in love with León’s fans in a ‘spicy’ swimsuit

León, Guanajuato.- Nailea Vidrio is without a team in this period after announcing her departure from Club León Femenil, however, she denotes a joy that squeezes the public’s heart and raises its temperature by sharing all kinds of photographs, in the on or off the court, in any outfit that shows off how physically beautiful she is. What was new for Dalia was modeling a flirtatious swimsuit on a cot that revealed her most beautiful attributes.

The 19-year-old soccer player enjoys life when she has the exact time to carry out some of her activities that marked her young age and to date it brings back beautiful memories. The midfielder wakes up and when she looks in the mirror she feels enchanted and amazed by everything she has achieved, based on her merits she can carry out those activities that she shared with her family and now she lives them in her own way, an aspect that she glimpses when she shares her moments on social networks.

Nailea enjoys spending those moments when she was a child, in her adolescence she has fulfilled several goals and of course her life still has a lot to tell, so she decides to get up and leave the house to write a new chapter that makes her be the clear example for the girls and women who like to follow in her footsteps and be one step away from fulfilling that dream, Dalia’s was to play professional soccer and since she was trained in Grupo Pachuca at the age of 13, the mission would be fulfilled some time later.

Despite not having a team in Liga MX Femenil, sources relate to Vidrio in the Cruz Azul Femenil squad to play the Apertura championship that will begin the following July. At the moment there is no official notice, but if possible, his transfer to the Debate Deportes cement team will give you the details of his signing, which, of course, everyone wants to be true, since Nailea still has a lot to offer in pink football.

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The current photograph presented by the native of Guadalajara, Jalisco is about to exceed twenty-four hours on the internet, many would believe that the reactions would go less, but, in reality, they continue to appear very quickly, which highlights the popularity of Nailea Dalia Sahagun glass in social media. On Instagram, she seizes the hearts of more than 612,000 followers who closely see the trajectory of the lady who was born on March 10, 2003.

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