Love of animals: Unemployed teacher lives by car so as not to abandon her two dogs

United Kingdom.- One teacher unemployed English learner decided to adopt two dogs while traveling in Europe and currently lives in the UK.

The professor takes four months living in its auto because he has no home to live with his dogs Who refuses to leave, is about Hillary Barrows, 57 years old.

The dogs who refuses to leave the teacher Their names are Robbie and Cleo, they were both rescued from the streets while traveling through Europe.

Hillary currently lives in a parking lot, because when she decided to return home to Kent County, UK, she was unemployed.

After three weeks without finding a job, the teacher focused on his finances and was unable to pay rent on a property to live with his dogs.

UK authorities learned of the case of the teacher and offered him a home, but on the condition that the dogs they were not brought to the property, however she refused the proposal.

And because he had no other alternative, he decided to live in his auto parked in a supermarket, receives donations from the population and volunteer veterinarians volunteered to examine the dogs to make sure they are healthy.

Unless it is so comfortable to live in a auto Hillary applied for home insurance from the government, but was told she would have to wait about three months for a response because she was out of the country for too long and then was no longer a priority for the social program.

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Faced with all the difficulties that the teacher Hillary, your story is a beautiful example of love for animals.

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