Los de la Angeles fear for the creek

Those who make the call to the municipal authorities, especially the mayor Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, are the inhabitants of the Felipe Ángeles neighborhood, since every rainy season they are exposed to danger due to having streets without maintenance, in addition to a stream without Attention, which each rainy season generates danger and a great impact on the neighbors who live a short distance, the most affected are the people who live on the street Article 27, since it is where the waters are most concentrated and leaves no absolute passage to all the inhabitants of the place. Those affected mentioned that during the rains they fear that the situation is dangerous for all those who have to travel through the area, because despite the complaints they continue the same. If you are one of those affected or have something to propose to improve the situation, call fon (667) 785 0101.

> In search of good offers
The Department of Public Works of Angostura is looking for construction companies that sell paving material and give it to them at an affordable price to cover some potholes that lead to some communities and repair impassable stretches that have a headache to the race, whoever can with the package, please contact the mere person of the Public Works Directorate, Elizabeth Osuna, at number 697 734 0004 so that he can get on his feet and fix the roads.

> A theme for a good time
Everything indicates that the Canaco leadership in Guasave has already sent the elected mayor, Martín Ahumada Quintero, a shortlist of candidates to define the next director of Economic Development in the municipality, and although the leader of the merchants did not want to advance names, there will be to see if they convince the doctor, because he has been somewhat meticulous in the selection of the characters that will accompany him in his cabinet. It would be good to dial the phone 687-87-2-21-11 to see if Leonor Espinoza, president of Canaco, has any advance of when that appointment could be defined, and what is more important, if they do not put buts to the cadres proposed by the partners of that body.

> If you are looking for a job, go to the Town Hall
If you live in Escuinapa and you are out of work, go to the City Council to apply for one of the vacancies, since working in the municipal government is one of the greatest achievements in the municipality, and if you do not take account of the juicy salaries that are received there. According to the secretary of the City Council, Saúl Acosta, in the current administration 25 workers have retired for which 2 million pesos are spent per month. In other words, each of them receives 80 thousand pesos from the City Council per month. If you dare, here is the secretary’s phone number, to see if there is any vacancy: 695 953 0019.

> Coperacha to finish the work
Those who no longer know when they are going to finish the repair of the drainage on Rosendo G. Castro Boulevard, on the corner of Ejido Águila Azteca, are the residents of the Toledo Corro neighborhood, in the city of Los Mochis. They have stopped the work for months and it is time that the municipality does not turn around to finish. It is a nuisance for the neighbors, since in that section only one lane of the boulevard is the one that works and there is a road chaos especially in peak hours. To do your bit, call Rael Rivera, Chaca de Obras y Servicios Públicos, on the phone 6688165006 to see if they cheer up and send a well-equipped crew to finish the job. Urge!

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