Look for her daughter and grandchildren; they would be trapped under the rubble of Cerro del Chiquihuite

State of Mexico.- Given the magnitude of the terrible breakdown of Cerro del Chiquihuite and despite more than 72 hours of it, Gabriela robles He continues on his feet and continues with the unstoppable search for his daughter and both grandchildren, whose whereabouts are unknown.

And is that Mia Mayri, only three years old; Jorge Dilan, his little brother over five years old; and the mother of both, Paola Daniela Campos Robes, barely 22 years old, have been missing since last September 10.

Both children with their mother would be one of the families that would be trapped under tons of monumental stones, scrub and earth at the fault of the Cerro del Chiquihuite in the municipality of Tlalnepantla, Edomex.

After completing more than 72 hours, probably under the rubble of the hill that fell apart during the afternoon of last Friday, Paola and her two little ones continue to be the target of hundreds of rescuers working in the area.

And it is that elements of the Mexican Army, the Secretariat of the Navy and Civil Protection have worked tirelessly in the call “zero zone” at the top of the Lázaro Cárdenas second section, where hundreds of people have had to leave their homes due to the level of risk.

Since the catastrophic accident, which could be related to the 7.1 magnitude earthquake on September 7, the couple of Paola Daniela and the father of Mía Mayrin and Jorge Dilan have suffered a horrible “ordeal” due to the disappearance of their family.

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With the possibility that his wife and children will appear safe and sound, the father of the family remains close to the area of ​​the incident, waiting for a great and perhaps the best news of his life: that they return to his side.

Family disappeared after the Chiquihuite hill collapsed in Tlalnepantla; they may be trapped under debris. Photo: Special.

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