Long live Mexico! Were the words that echoed from the balcony of the Municipal Palace of Salvador Alvarado

Sinaloa.- Due to the Covid-19 health contingency, which is still present, the historic event was held virtually in order to avoid crowds on the esplanade of the City Hall facilities. Salvador Alvarado. It is worth mentioning that the previous year it was impossible to hold this event since Carlo Mario Ortiz Sánchez, who was president at that time, became ill due to the virus and had to absent himself from public life.

The mayor of this municipality invited society in general to follow the live broadcasts of the celebration of the Cry of Independence.

“We could not stop sharing this emotional night, this night full of feelings and folklore for all of us Mexicans,” he quoted.

With emotion, he exclaimed that it is a pride to be Mexican, so minutes later, with his forehead held high, he came out to shout Viva México from the presidential balcony. She added that this is one of the most emotional moments for the administration and for her as president.

The mayor a few days ago made known to the citizens of Alvarado, that this time the celebration would be virtual, news that they took in a good way expressing that it had been a responsible and sensible decision for everyone since the main thing at this time is health and the well-being of the inhabitants of Salvador Alvarado.

Despite not allowing the presence of civilians in the celebration of the CCXI anniversary of Mexico’s independence, elements of the War Band of the 42nd infantry battalion held a march to pay tribute to the heroes who made possible this achievement of which every Mexican is proud.

Subsequently, Roberto Garcia Michel, secretary of the Salvador Alvarado City Council, with great enthusiasm read the Act of Independence as part of the protocol that is carried out year after year.

At 11:00 pm the mayor of this municipality, Pier Angely Camacho de Ortiz officially began the ceremony of the “Cry of Independence”.

A few minutes before concluding with this act, those present sang the beautiful Mexican National Anthem.

Just a few minutes later, the sky lit up with fireworks that beautified and brought joy to the entire city.

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An atypical celebration was held on this occasion, however the decoration of the place was worthy of appreciation and recognition as well as fireworks that the inhabitants appreciated from their screens.

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