Long live Mexico! Long live Mocorito! This was the virtual ceremony in the Magic Town

Sinaloa.- The Magical Town of Mocorito virtually celebrated the 211st anniversary of the Mexico’s independence, through an internet broadcast. Minutes before 11:00 hours, the transmission of the civic act carried out in the access to the Municipal Presidency began.

Mayor Guillermo Galindo Castro, accompanied by his wife María Elizalde and the council body, presided over the ceremony held at the access to the Municipal Presidency. A group of officials, municipal police and some citizens were present at the ceremony.

The master of ceremonies, José José Norzagaray, issued the words of welcome to begin the solemn act “to remember and celebrate one of the most important dates and the women and men of temple.”

The national celebration began with the honors of the flag, with the escort made up of elements of Public Security to the sound of the war band. The Mayor received the tricolor flag to start the traditional “Cry of Independence“.

Long live Mexico Long live the priest José María Morelos! Vicente Guerrero! Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez! The Heroes who gave us a homeland! The health sector workers! Viva México! Viva Mocorito! Were the words of Mayor Guillermo Galindo to the Mocoritense people.

The bells rang and the flag waved in the air as the sky was illuminated with pyrotechnic lights. The trumpets of the war band and the national ensign sounded, the Mexican flag was dismissed with honors and delivered to the escort to be reinstalled in its space. This is how the homeland ceremony was lived in the Magic Town.

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The night of the scream of September 15 in the middle of the pandemic has been an atypical homeland celebration in Mocorito as well as in the municipalities of the region and in the country. But a ceremony that hundreds of Mocoritenses followed from their homes through a cell phone, demonstrating the importance of this date as Mexicans.

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