Long live Mexico! AMLO gives the third cry of Independence

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, headed this Wednesday his Third ceremony of the Cry of Independence from the National Palace.

With the flag of Mexico that he received from the hands of cadets of the Military College, President López Obrador appeared on the central balcony of the National Palace to give the traditional “Grito” in commemoration of the 211 anniversary of the beginning of the Independence of Mexico.

Accompanied by his wife, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, López Obrador gave the Cry of Independence in front of an empty Constitution Square for the second time in history, but not before dedicating a minute of silence to the victims who have lost the battle against COVID-19.

The harangues of the president For the 211 Anniversary of Independence there were 20:

  • Live the independence!
  • Long live Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla!
  • Long live José María Morelos y Pavón!
  • Long live Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez!
  • Long live Ignacio Allende!
  • Long live Leona Vicario!
  • Vicente Guerrero!
  • Long live the anonymous heroes!
  • Long live freedom!
  • Long live justice!
  • Long live equality!
  • Long live democracy!
  • Long live honesty!
  • Long live our sovereignty!
  • Long live the universal brotherhood!
  • Long live love of neighbor!
  • Long live the cultures of pre-Hispanic Mexico!
  • Long live Mexico!
  • Long live Mexico!
  • Long live Mexico!

The ceremony ended after the President delivered the homeland labaro to an escort, made up of cadets men and women. Giving way to a video mapping on the Monumental Model of the Huey Teocalli and later the traditional fireworks and a show musical by Lila Downs.


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