Long live love! Romantic marriage proposal goes viral. VIDEO

Retail and romantic men still exist! And to show a button. In social networks the emotional has gone viral marriage proposal that a lover did to his girlfriend.

Many women dream of the day when their sentimental partner proposes to share the rest of his life with her, hoping that the proposal is as romantic as possible, as in novels.

Through the social network TikTok the video of the romantic marriage proposal that a man made to his girlfriend was shared, an event in which he brought together the family and friends of both so that they were present in this great step in life together.

In the viral clip you can see how the woman arrives at the place where her boyfriend has summoned her, meeting her relatives and some of her friends who are placed along the stairs that she must climb.

The surprise of the proposal begins when each of the people who are there he gives her a red rose with an emotional phrase where the man captured the feelings he has for her.

“My boyfriend asked me to marry him in a super beautiful way with my friends and family of both …”, mentions the description of the viral video on the Chinese virtual platform.

As expected, in the viral recording you can see the woman totally excited and with tears in her eyes of joy. After climbing the stairs, the bride manages to reach her partner who is in charge of giving her the engagement ring, which, as is customary, she gives it to her kneeling.

Seeing all the preparations that her boyfriend made to ask her to marry him, the woman does not hesitate for a second to give him the long-awaited “yes”, ending the request with a kiss between them.

For its part, in a second video, the engaged woman showed all the phrases that her boyfriend put on the red roses that his family and friends gave him.

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