Long live López Obrador! Ambassador of Mexico in Turkey launches controversial harangue. VIDEO

Turkey.- Again, the journalist and now ambassador of Mexico in Istanbul, Turkey, Isabel arvide, has starred in a scene that caused general discontent and raised a sea of ​​criticism, after leading the ceremony of the “Cry of Independence” in the country of Eastern Europe and Western Asia pronounced a “Long live López Obrador“.

Today, different Embassies and consulates of Mexico around the world brought to Mexicans living abroad the celebrations of the national month, in order to remember and celebrate the 211th Anniversary of the Independence of Mexico.

However, of the dozens of videos showing Mexican diplomats waving the flag and throwing the traditional “Viva”, the one that attracted the most attention and, in turn, caused great outrage was that of Isabel Arvide, the journalist from Excelsior that on July 28, 2020, she was appointed by the head of the Federal Executive Power to head the Mexican Embassy in Istanbul, a designation that also caused controversy.

Through his social networks, Arvide Limón acknowledged that he had ended his harangue with a “VIva López Obrador”, although in the video published on his official account of Twitter The official is appreciated expressing her cheers without hearing the last “Viva” accompanied by the name of the Mexican president, since it is presumed that this would have been edited before getting on.

Isabel Arvide acknowledges that she gave a “Viva López Obrador” at the Independence Cry ceremony in Istanbul, Turkey / Source: Twitter @isabelarvide

However, another user of said virtual platform uploaded another video of said commemorative act, where “Viva López Obrador” is actually heard, but it is not all. The file also shows the moment when attendees start booing while expressing their disagreement with the last exclamation of Arvide.

A woman even approaches the consul to express her discontent, emphasizing that, although she respects López Obrador, this is not Mexico, so her name should not be pronounced.

That is not done … I respect him, but he does not go there… Mexico is not López Obrador “, it is heard that the female reproaches with great annoyance.

Mr. President, I want you to end your six-year term well, to correct, to govern, to take us to a beautiful country, but he does not go along with the heroes of Independence“said the woman.

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After the video went viral, Isabel Arvide went out to confront her critics, stressing that she decided to live “between convictions and definitions”, reproaching those who “decide to live in lukewarmness, navigating between conveniences.”

Ambassador of Mexico in Turkey launches controversial speech dedicated to AMLO


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