LONG lines continue at the Bienestar bank in Culiacán for the Benito Juárez scholarship

Sinaloa.- The number of people grew on the second day to collect the Benito Juárez Scholarship and renewal of the card for it, were hundreds of beneficiaries who met to carry out the procedures at the Bienestar bank on Álvaro Obregón avenue in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

In a tour of the place, it was possible to observe how the long line did not wait because as the minutes passed it grew until it turned around Álvaro Obregón Avenue, continue along Antonio Rosales Street and then around Juan Carrasco Street almost to run into the Rafael Buelna.

Likewise, the nonconformity of citizenship assistant as many of them indicated to get up early and do everything possible to go to the bank of this support program in order to receive help but hundreds of them have to return on another occasion or stay without doing the pertinent procedures as they are foreigners and become complicated the transfer to the capital city.

Long lines continue at the Bienestar bank in Culiacán | Photo: Debate

In an interview with the attendees, they mentioned that there are only 50 tokens that are given to them to carry out a card renewal process, but they also have to form a long line to be able to go to the cashier to charge for this program.

The families that are most affected are those who came from other communities such as receivership from Costa Rica, Eldorado, Quila among other towns that do not have the same opportunity to carry out the procedure in their places of origin.

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Finally, the attendees called the authorities of these programs to make it easier for them to receive the program or to give more tokens to carry out a card renewal or other procedures since many stop doing their daily activities or jobs to go to do it and are left in limbo by not being able to do it.

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