LMB: Toros de Tijuana approaches 2-3 in the King’s Series by beating Leones de Yucatán 4-3

Tijuana bulls defeated 4-3 a Yucatan lions in 11 innings in which it was the last confrontation in the Park Kukulcán Alamo this year.

With this marker, Toros approaches 2-3 in the King’s Series scheduled to win four of seven games.

Tomorrow they will play the sixth of the series in Tijuana, at 6:00 p.m. Sinaloa.

The cave of the longhairs ignited in the ninth inning when Alex Liddi managed to draw for the first time in the fifth game.

The frontiersmen went ahead from the first roll and the locals tied with a double from Alex Liddi, who went 5-2, with two RBIs. Xorge Carrillo produced the race of difference.

The bureles held their lead in the first chapter for eight innings. For the ninth episode the Kukulcán was lit, the beer flew, smiles appeared on the faces of the fans, the local players came out of the dugout.

There were hugs, celebrations, shouts of joy, the mood changed side for a moment. Yucatán was already savoring the title again at home.

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However, the locals did not have the spectacular work of the stellar closer Fernando Rodney, who threw three innings, allowed two hits, a dirty run, struck out two opponents and gave two walks and was essential for the King’s Series. I returned to Tijuana.

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A two-run homer by Leandro Castro, who went 3-1 with two RBIs and one scored, with Junior Lake on base, put the Ales ahead in the first inning.

Luis Alfonso ‘Cochito’ Cruz went from hero to villain in the same inning: he extended the lead at the top of the second chapter with a solitary home run and later, at the conclusion of that same episode, he had an error in his launch and allowed ‘ JJ ‘Aguilar rings.

In the fifth inning, Alex Liddi hit a hit that led Yadir Drake to score the hairy second run and in the ninth inning he lit Kukulcán Park with an RBI double that brought Drake back to home plate to lead to extra innings. the fifth game in the King’s Series.

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Nervousness and emotions on the surface to continue with the game. Xorge Carrillo donned the hero cape and gave the antlers the lead back with a hit to right field that produced Gabriel Gutiérrez’s run in the eleventh roll.

So many emotions could not be closed in a better way. A Junior Lake catch in center field sentenced the Series to return to the border.

Fernando Rodney (1-0), in great work scored the victory and Manuel Chávez, succumbed.

In Acapulco they treat patients in the rain


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