Lizy Martínez plays an ambitious villain in Televisa’s ‘Mi secreto’

Sinaloa, Mexico. Liza Martínez not afraid to take on new challenges. The young woman has a long career in the artistic world where she has shown her versatility as an artist, acting in popular soap operas such as my husband has a familyin addition to having a 16-year career as a singer.

Despite having such a long history, Lizy now faces a totally new challenge: playing a villain for the first time in the Televisa production, My secret. The actress spoke with DEBATE about what it was like to face this challenge.

intrigues of the past

My secret It is an adaptation of the soap opera an intruder has arrivedand tells a love story full of intrigues and betrayals, in which Lizy plays the young version of Phaedra, a woman whose ambition for money will lead her to take down whoever crosses her path.

The actress says that it was a challenge to embody such a complex character. “It’s a little more complicated. It’s a little bit bigger job to really know why the villain is a villain, why she’s doing everything she’s doing, knowing everything she’s been through to get to this point.”

Lizy He put all his effort into living up to the actress Claudia Ramirez, who plays the older version of Fedra. “It was a very big challenge to have this same energy and same line that Claudia is going to have and to be able to be in tune. In addition to the fact that we did not have time to talk about the motivations of the character because it was on the fly that I started working on it, ”she relates.

My secret It will also feature performances by Arturo Peniche and Eric del Castillo, as well as a new young cast made up of Macarena García and Diego Klein. The production premieres in September on Las Estrellas.

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