Like foam! Say goodbye to tacos this national month, prices are through the roof

Mexico City.- On the corner, outside the Metro, homemade or to take away, tacos are present in the Mexican diet.

Unfortunately, and prior to the national celebrations, there were supplies for its preparation that became more than 40 percent per month in August.

Tacos through the clouds

There are endless ingredients to prepare the tacos and there are even more for their complements, such as sauces, but during August the price of some of the basic supplies skyrocketed.

Variation with respect to the previous month

  • Chile Serrano 46.86%
  • Onion 14.95%
  • Avocado 12.06%
  • Edible vegetable oils and fats 3.59%
  • Corn tortilla 1.24%
  • Beef 0.92%

The tacos do not yield … and neither does inflation

Despite the fact that inflation slowed to 5.59 percent per year in August, it accumulated six months outside the objective of Banco de México (Banxico).

Within the National Consumer Price Index, the concept of agricultural products, which includes fruits and vegetables and livestock products, such as chicken and beef, increased 1.98 percent per month, while at the annual rate the advance was 8.95 percent.

So far this year, the price of fruits and vegetables and meat of animal origin has increased 9.20 percent.

The gaaas!

For their part, the prices of energy, such as fuel, decreased 3.50 percent per month in August, mainly due to the ceiling on the price of LP gas imposed by the Government. At an annual rate, the advance was 10.07 percent

It should be noted that the price of LP gas dropped 14.46 percent per month, from an average price of 25.97 pesos per kilo in July to 22.22 pesos in August.

So far this year, the price of energy and rates authorized by the Government have increased 3.30 percent.

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Those that fell the most in price

In addition to LP gas, these products were the ones that fell the most in August.

Variation with respect to the previous month
Air transport -18,21%
Chayote -11.63%
Tourist services in package -6.21%
Bananas -3.55%
Softeners and cleaners -2.27%


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