Liga MX: Who is to be believed, Andrés Lillini or Víctor Manuel Vucetich?

Mexico City.- Fans of Pumas and Chivas they continue to be disappointed and at the same time dissatisfied by the different attitudes and the poor performance that both clubs have presented in the Grita México Ap2021 of the MX League. This game between the two was another reflection that things are not on the right track, which the board of directors of each institution will continue to analyze about a possible adjustment on the bench.

While the coaches, Andrés Lillini and Victor Manuel Vucetich, They find themselves with the rope around their necks due to the painful numbers they have achieved since the last contest, until today. Pumas, with this zero to zero barely adds six points and a series of combinations would wake them up in the penultimate place of the classification.

Chivas manages a better figure than the Capitalinos. Ten units are those that registers in tenth place, however, they are not convinced by the fans, because on their arrival at CDMX they demonstrated against “King Midas” and the “becados”, as they describe to great extent. part of the Guadalajara that make up the Verde Valle institution.

This duel was the most precise to awaken from the abyss, mainly through which both Vucetich and Lillini travel. Each was left without their best attackers; Pumas did not have Juan Ignacio Dinneno and Chivas played without Alexis Vega or Alfredo Zaldívar, although, it must be said, they are not the men each depends on to find the goal route, so the attitude presented in Mexico 68 It was left to duty until being a disappointment between each one.

Pumas and Chivas draw without goals
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Something that each viewer hopes to recognize is a statement from the board about the whereabouts of each one, because as the situation is heading neither of the two claims to end the regular season of the Grita México Ap2021 of Liga MX.

Lillini’s explanation was “” It is very difficult for us to score a goal, adding one by one is not going to give us anything in the championship. We are going to go for everything, as long as the statistics allow it, but we have to win, “he explained at a virtual press conference.

Chivas comes out head down after the draw
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Meanwhile Víctor Manuel Vucetich admitted: “We wasted a part of the first half, we came out a little lazy, we corrected and made the modifications. What we are looking for is to win, the statistical data mark it, but we have not had that fortune and wisdom. We will seek to obtain the results to aspire to a qualification, “he said.

Based on the experiences in Ciudad Universitaria, one of the two has to qualify for the big party, it is the first thing that every fan of Pumas and Chivas asks, so the question remains, Who should be believed, Lillini or to Vucetich?

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