Liga MX: The Tigres dressing room was lit by a fight between Miguel Herrera and Carlos Salcedo

The costumes of the UANL Tigers had a moment of complaints after the draw on matchday 8 against the Esmeraldas del León and what made the technical director, Miguel Herrera, go with everything against Carlos Salcedo.

According to Monterrey media, the Tigres dressing room was lit when Miguel Herrera He startled Salcedo, who responded in the same way “hot” and they were on the verge of a physical confrontation.

What rescued that this happened to adults, was the intervention of the French striker, Andre Pierre-Gignac, who entered the remove and put a cool head in the situation between the strategist and the Mexican defender.

And it is that the defense has rained in the University stadium with the fans of the felines, who claim his very low level of play and his mistakes that are making him pay dearly on the scoreboard for the Tigers in this AP2021.

The fans are blaming him for the penalty against Angel Mena, where Carlos Salcedo did not close the play well this day 8.

In social networks, the fans were also present, claiming the defender that he does not offend, does not attack and does not mark as it should be so far these eight days in the Apertura 2021 tournament of the MX League.

Not only did the Tigers stand with everything before the defender, but also the TUDN narrator, Paco Villa, who questions the ownership of Carlos Salcedo in this Apertura 2021 tournament.

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“Why is Carlos Salcedo still the owner? I see him lost for a long time. While Nahuel is, today, the best member of the Tigres squad, “wrote the commentator.


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