Liga MX: Querétaro thrashed Necaxa away to achieve their first victory

Querétaro.- The Roosters of Querétaro imposed their role as local and with an outstanding presentation in La Corregidora they beat the Rays of Necaxa, which begins to lose strength in the Grita México Ap2021 of Liga MX, under the direction of Guillermo Vázquez.

The Queretanos were well positioned from the beginning that in the first quarter of an hour the experienced Pablo Barrera He received a pass from Bryan Oliveira, on a tray, to wet the first of the afternoon and returned to the goal path after almost a year without scoring in Mexican soccer.

Necaxa tried to find a code that would allow him to tie the cards, although his forwards, Rodrigo Aguirre and Luis García, were very far from obtaining a ball that would cause any danger in Washington Aguerre’s cabin.

On the other hand, the Gallos prospered in the movement of the ball that a Kevin Escamilla awarded them the second of the night. The Mexican settled down with his skillful leg after a series of rebounds in the zone of Luis Malagón that got the powerful shot to beat him, and so Querétaro left at halftime with two difference.

Pablo Barrera revived the goal on his account
Media hour

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“Memo” Vázquez tried to rebuild his pieces on the field by sending Mauro Quiroga and Ángel Sepúlveda as two referents in the attack, the latter being the one with the most chances of scoring in the complementary part, but the local defense was unbeatable against his skills.

The game managed a level off during the last quarter of an hour. Gallos knew that the victory would be in his hands, so he dedicated himself to protecting the scoreboard and waiting for an error from the Hidrorayos, which appeared to generate the goal against by the Paraguayan Julio Cesar Gonzalez.

Washington Aguerre celebrates Gallos’ goal
Media hour

The rear guard tried to return the ball to Luis Malagón, but at the moment of heading the leather the identical one went long and acted insurmountable for the goalkeeper, who only had to watch his way towards the nets to make a 3-0 in favor of Roosters of Querétaro.

With this victory, the Queretaro team adds 6 points and will sleep in 15th place in the standings. Necaxa will continue in 11th place with 9 points but could fall one place as long as Pachuca defeats the Red Devils, on Monday at the Hidalgo Stadium.


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