Liga MX: Problems? America cannot register ‘Cabecita’ due to an excess of untrained players in Mexico

The subject of Jonathan Rodríguez at Club América is more than sure that it will come, the doubt that exists is that a foreign player will be the one sacrificed to make room to register the Uruguayan striker for the tournament Opening 2022 of the MX League.

At this time, the Uruguayan striker cannot be registered in Fernando Ortiz’s squad due to the excess of Untrained players in Mexico. The signing of Rodríguez is more than a fact, now it’s up to the board to make the decision to cut a foreigner.

The players who are in Club América and are part of the list of Not Formed in Mexico are the defenders Jorge Meré, Bruno Valdez, and Sebastián Cáceres; in midfield they have Diego Valdés, Álvaro Fidalgo, Pedro Aquino and Richard Sánchez, while Federico Viñas and Roger Martínez and Juan Otero are in the attacking axis.

The clubs they may only have a maximum of 10 (ten) Players Not Trained in Mexico among those registered in their Liga MX rosters and their subsidiary of Fuerzas Básicas Sub 20″, reads Article 27 of the league regulations, in addition to the specification that only eight may share the court simultaneously.

According to the ESPN portal, the main problem that is happening at Club América is that none of the foreign players on the squad wants to leave the team for the next tournament.

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Now the board must take action on the matter and make the decision to decide who will leave the team for the next tournament. The players who have been rumored as possible departures are Juan Otero and Federico Viñas so far, although until now they remain under the orders of coach Fernando Ortiz.

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