Liga MX: Mauro Lainez says goodbye to Club América with an emotional message

Many ups and downs are taking place at Club América prior to the Liga MX Opening 2022 tournament, and one of them is that of Mauro Lainez, a Mexican offensive midfielder who lost prominence since the arrival of Fernando Ortiz.

And it is that Lainez was a more permanent player in the starting box in the era and Santiago Solari, but after the arrival of ‘Tano’, the Mexican was losing minutes and began to watch the games from the bench.

for this tournament Opening 2022is one of the players who already have his exit sung and so it is that the same player sent an emotional message through his social networks, where he says goodbye to the azulcrema squad.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will always be grateful for having fulfilled one of my dreams, wearing your colors. I wish you the best today and always”, published Mauro, who since Ferdinand Ortiz he took over the millionaire bench, he had less and less participation in the team, which ultimately led to his departure.

For a few days, it was announced that Mauro Lainez was in negotiations with FC Juárez to leave Coapa and join the border team, a situation that has crystallized now that it is a fact that the winger will become a member of Bravos as soon as he returns to Mexico.

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At FC Juárez, Mauro Lainez will have the opportunity to add more minutes and be able to recover that starting role that he had at Club América in past tournaments and in the process help a team that has been sunk in failures in Liga MX .

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