Liga MX Femenil: This is how the first 8 arrive after completing the first half of the tournament

Mexico.- After finishing day 9 of the Scream Mexico Ap2021 from Liga MX Women There will be a weekend without activity after the FIFA Date that began in the last days of this week of September. Mexico will be part of it by having activity until next Tuesday.

That is why several teams will take advantage of this break for preparation matches, as well as several strength and skill training to maintain their level that they have shown after the first half that has just ended in the women’s championship.

If today the regular semester came to an end there would already be recognition of the keys that would be held for the Quarterfinals, however there are still 9 dates to be played and, from what has seen the tournament, a large part of the institutions They have to position themselves among the eight best squads to play the women’s league.

That is why in Debate We want to give you a brief summary of the effectiveness and performance of the 8 squads that, so far, are struggling to stay in that area to secure a place in the Liga MX Femenil league.

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The Amazons are the club to beat after beating their rivals throughout the 9 rounds. With 27 points they aspire to qualify in advance for the big party and dream of a first three-time championship. In addition to being general leaders, they are the best defense and also their forward, Katty Martínez, fights for the scoring title with Alicia Cervantes. She hits 11 goals and will look for an even better personal best so that she can celebrate her 100th in the process.


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The regiomontanas, in their first era with Eva Espejo, continue to show that the base led by Héctor Becerra continues with a high connection after remaining undefeated in this Grita México, and also as sub-leaders, trying to take advantage of their management of spaces and collectivity to return to a final, which he was denied last season.


The rojiblancas had their first setback last weekend, but even so, under the command of Edgar “Chore” Mejía they level a football style that is not easy to face. Finding Celeste Espino’s door is not an easy thing like snatching goal balls from his offense, which is one of the most opportune, thanks to the representation of “Licha” Cervantes, his power scorer.

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The guerreras are the club that is enshrined in the Grita México Ap2021 after eliminating Chivas’s positive streak and registering four consecutive victories. With Jorge Campos as DT, Alexia Villanueva and Cinthya Peraza as leaders in offense, those of the Comarca look at each other with greater hierarchy and courage than if they kept to this first part they would become a squad suitable to conquer the title of Liga MX Femenil .

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The Eagles fell several positions after an uneven closing in the tournament. After the tie with Pumas and Juárez, those led by Craig Harrington were different from the high authority they had presented on the field. Despite this, America is in the fight for a better position in the general classification, which is investigating the way in which its attackers and the experience of its foreigners give them the luxury of resuming their good step.


The Xolas, like Santos, live a dream tournament with Fabiola Vargas as their strategist, however against renowned teams it has been very difficult to face. Even so, they hope to continue adding to join the finals with an improvement in terms of the height of their players, as well as at the time of collective communication.


The Machine recovers from three defeats in a row, although Roberto Pérez’s club must improve many things, including ball handling and dominance of the game, since balls are the variant that has been used the most to avoid danger in the zone of Itzayana González, instead of playing from behind. In addition, the goals in his favor are very serene, but functional so that he is one of the squads that fight for the league.


The rojinegras live a very different campaign from those they had celebrated with Fernando Samayoa as coach. Although the tapatías started in the way that the tournament was expected, although what has been seen most vulnerable is the defense. In attack things are handled optimally but behind there are complications that generate goals against, until suffering defeat. They will have more than two months to recover and polish their mistakes so that they will be able to play in the 2nd stage of the Liga MX Femenil.

With “copitas de más” mayor of Tlaxco, Tlaxcala, gives the Scream


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