Liga MX Femenil: The great feats that were achieved on this day 9

Mexico.- The level and capacity of the Liga MX Women continues to grow positively in this Grita México Ap2021. With the effort and hierarchy that has been seen for 4 years, the women’s tournament was awarded by the World Football Summit as the best initiative in women’s football and that is something significant, above all, due to the interest that has been projected to date from today.

Each tournament is different but the wonderful players that make up the 18 participating teams is a privilege and an honor to continue to admire their style of play, so much so that it helps a club and its own specialty to grow to be highlighted by Liga MX itself. Feminine

Likewise, after completing 9 consecutive weeks in the present Grita México Ap2021 Tournament, the best is coming, since the second half of the activities will begin, and it will be even more than one’s own expectations after having seen an unforgettable date 9 and it will have to be said , the best of the championship, for different herocities that existed together and personally. On Debate we tell you what those feats were.


Alejandra Curiel fights for the ball
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Las Bravas are experiencing a very complicated campaign under the direction of Ana González. Although they are third to last place with just 5 points, they played evenly against the Eagles, who are among the candidates for the title and with an elegant style they took a more than important point on the border, to gain confidence and security for what is coming.


Desirée Monsiváis is 100
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The Rayadas player faced Tijuana with 98 goals in her history in the Liga MX Femenil. Her double last Sunday at the El Barrial facilities helped her to be the first Mexican to reach a hundred goals in the top circuit, something she dreamed of for more than four years in Monterrey.

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Tigres Femenil beat Tuzas
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The Amazons show that a possible first three-time championship in the league is possible, especially for being the unstoppable club since the last Guard1anes Clausura 2021. Their recent 5-0 win over the Tuzas places them with 30 games without losing and, in addition, it is Grita México’s only undefeated club by adding 27 available points, something that had never been seen before.


Daniela Delgado scored in the triumph of Santos
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The warriors walk in a fantasy tournament under the direction of Jorge Campos, who promotes the winning mentality of his players in this competition and that helps them to be the consecrated club of the Apertura 2021. The maximum demonstration to win 5-4 to Chivas in a duel full of power and courage, to register the first defeat of the tapatías and at the same time they managed to climb to the 4th position with 20 units, training on the roster of the candidates for the title and also scoring by understanding with Alexia Villanueva and Cinthya Peraza in the fight for the trophy for best scorer of the semester.

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