Liga MX Femenil: Santos vs Chivas, one of the games with the most goals in the tournament

Mexico.- The first half of the Scream Mexico Ap2021 from Liga MX Women, where the level and strategy are still admired among the 18 squads that make up the championship. That virtue helps to find the route of the goal and that the points do their thing with the passage of the weeks.

Although quality is one of the themes to highlight in this tournament of the 4th anniversary of Liga MX Femenil, as well as the scoring path, because after 9 weeks in a row, little more than 81 games have been played during the regular season, where few have ended up with a bulky figure, which should be highlighted.

Although this weekend there was what would be the game of the year if there is not a different one for the remainder of the semester. Santos, receiving Chivas at TSM Stadium, it took one last free kick to achieve glory after back and forth to finish the score at 5-4.

This duel is one of the counted ones that exceed the 9th digit in the Grita México Ap2021. It should be noted that there have been high goals but with a number close to ten, it had not been seen since last day 3, which records the first scandal win in the tournament. Without further ado in Debate We want to remind you of the duels with the most goals in one morning, afternoon and night.

Nicole Buenfil celebrates the triumph of Santos
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The cats had no mercy on the hydrocalids who in a duel on Monday night took advantage of their home to go 4-0 ahead during the break. The rest was necessary to increase her win to 8-0, before receiving the goal of honor from Samantha Calvillo.


Chivas thrashed Necaxa in Verde Valle
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The tapatías would have already recorded a previous win at Grita México but in their contest at Verde Valle they were no rivals for Necaxa, who did not know how to put his hands in and as a result suffered his second win of the campaign, two weeks after falling against Tigres .


The Guerreras had already shown themselves as a team capable of generating damage and surprise in the season that in their visit to the Nou Camp de las Leonas they dominated in the running time, until they took all three points by 1-6, being for now the most high scoring of a women’s squad as a visitor.


Tuzas thrashed Puebla in the Hidalgo
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Pachuca took advantage of the distractions of the Puebla defense to seize the entire green carpet at the Hidalgo Stadium and finish off the strip in just 45 minutes, going ahead 5-1 in the match on date 7. Although they received the tie After a quarter of an hour, Jaime Correa’s group was rebuilt to close a great victory 6-2.

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