Liga MX Femenil: Santos takes away the undefeated Chivas in a formidable match full of goals

Torreón, Coahuila.- The actions of the Santos Women versus Chivas Women They exceeded their own expectations by giving away a great game beyond the levels that have been presented in the Liga MX Femenil. It was mentioned that the match at TSM Stadium would be the best of the day and it was much more than that.

With a resounding score of 5-4, those led by Jorge Campos achieved three gold points that ascends them to fourth position in the general table, leading much more than just a dream tournament in this Grita México Ap2021. The hostilities began in their favor up to 2-0, before reaching 20 ‘of the initial part.

Daniela Delgado began with the goal fair in Torreón after defeating the goal Celeste Espino with a sophisticated definition, after assembling a superb triangle advance with Cinthya Peraza and Alexia Villanueva, who raised the round and air Dani Delgado finished for 1-0, in favor of Santos.

Daniela Delgado scored the first of the match
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Minutes later, Alexia Villanueva would be the one who revived behind Guadalajara and in the heart of the area she defined with a tremendous shot to the edge of Espino, to overtake the Coahuilenses by two of difference. Chivas was vulnerable in the defensive zone, so he had to appear Alicia cervantes to restore courage to the institution of Verde Valle.

“Licha” took advantage of a maximum penalty at 28 ‘to discount the commitment, while in the last of the first period he managed to score a center shot by Michelle González, to equalize the score and the game was drawn at halftime.

Alicia Cervantes scored a double
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Santos and Chivas showed that with the 2-point draw, better things could come in the complementary part, so the dynamism of the locals put them back in advantage after the effective tino of Alexxandra Ramírez, who surprised Celeste Espino who unprotected her first stick and in that opening nested the 3-2 at 58 ‘.

The rojiblancas confirmed that the Santista advantage would not be difficult to tie as they corresponded after the goal of Joseline Montoya. The striker took a free kick in the middle of the field trying to look for a header, but the leather surpassed the Shire until it ended up in the portal nets defended by goalkeeper Nicole Buenfil.

The rest of the party continued to present a horizontality between warriors and Jalisciences that if either of the two took the victory it would be by the minimum. So Alexia Villanueva was in charge of returning the illusion of victory to Santos after finishing with a volley and getting a new double in his account, and the 4-3 in his favor, with 3 minutes remaining to complete the regular period.

Santos beat Chivas at TSM
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The best would be yet to come, as Chivas, for the third time in the game, balanced the score now with Michelle González’s score. The defender pushed a series of rebounds and he thus pretended that the undefeated of the visit would continue full in this Grita México Ap2021 of Liga MX.

However to have a finale to a league-flavored commitment Santos Femenil would have one last direct free-kick to win the game. Nancy Quiñones asked for number 5 to be the most effective for the stopped balls and with a splendid definition she overcame the Guadalajara barrier to fit the ball in the south header, and thus culminated a 5-4 victory in favor of the Verdiblanca squad.

Nicole Buenfil celebrates the triumph of Santos
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