Liga MX Femenil: Rayadas qualifies for the league after defeating Cruz Azul

Monterrey, Nuevo León.- scratched played very well on day 13 against Blue Crossin the Steel giant, to continue their good pace as a local, in this current Apertura 2022 championship of Liga MX Femenil.

Although in the first half he had few attempts compared to the cement companies, the goal fell in his favor in a light shot from Christina Burkenroad after a great turnout Maria Peraza diverted to complicate the flight of Gabriela Machuca.

Almost at the end of the first half to the whistle, Ricardo Zaratea maximum penalty escaped in favor of the Machine, which could change the course of the second half, in which Monterrey was more dangerous than Cruz Azul but failed to beat the blue frame for the second time.

Rayadas remains undefeated as a local in this Opening 2022. Tonight’s victory secured his place at the next big party, in which he will try to get back to the final, but before finishing in the top four to close the lap in the BBVA.

Christina Burkenroad scored the winning goal
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On the other hand, the Celeste Machine fell again in the current contest and that means that on this day 13 he slept out of league positions, even though he had an interesting meeting in a venue that, generally, is complicated every time he steps on the canvas green.

With the result of this Thursday those led by Eve Mirror achieved their eighth consecutive victory to add 32 units in the general sub-leadership, while the disciples of Roberto Perez they will remain with 18 points and for the moment in ninth place in the qualifying round.

Rayadas beat Cruz Azul and will be in the league
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For the next day Rayadas de Monterrey will repeat as local in the Steel Giant, this time they will face Pumas UNAM who will play against Chivas champions on this day. Instead Cruz Azul will receive Xolas from Tijuana who thrashed Mazatlan FC in the Kraken.

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