Liga MX Femenil: Pachuca with a full team will have the first big test against Tigres Femenil

Nuevo Leon.- The Liga MX Women This Sunday will have a game that will spark sparks and it is that two teams with the most experienced squads of the entire circuit will possibly be facing each other, on the one hand the two-time champions, undefeated and on the other the Tuzas that they have already integrated all their media figures to the first team.

But without a doubt, the one with the greatest share of responsibility for proving something is Pachuca. The Hidalgo women already have in their ranks all the figures they were waiting for, the return of Mónica Ocampo, Charlyn Corral Already with a goal, Viridiana Salazar, Lucero Cuevas who arrives as a scorer, the incorporations of the defender Paulina Solís and the star of the Liga MX Femenil, Norma Palafox.

This same team was already active last weekend against Monterrey, where despite competing face to face, they couldn’t do much losing to the Gang.

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Now they have as their rival a much more powerful team that there are few weak points that have been found in the tournament and those have been exchanged in goals but for that reason they have only allowed 3 goals.

Tigres vs Pachuca will give a great game in Sunday’s activity | Photo: Capture

The difference in the table is more than evident, Tigers It has 8 of 8 games achieving 24 points, while Pachuca has won 2, tied 2 and lost 3 to add 9 points and place in position 9 of the classification.

Jaime Correa will have a complicated decision and it is that with what was shown by Norma Palafox The last duel could be part of the starting box but he would have to do without someone who was constantly playing or wait for his change for the second half to be the shock he wants to take advantage of the fatigue that the Amazons could have.

The actions of the game will begin at 9:00 p.m. in prime time for the closing of the activity this Sunday. The game will be fully live on the TUDN signal. The team that wins will have all the attention during the week, Tigres reaching 30 games without losing and Pachuca for beating them.

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