Liga MX Femenil: Pachuca reserves the recovery time of Karen Díaz

Hidalgo, Pachuca.- Karen Díaz, player of the Tuzas of Club Pachuca, left the match against Chivas Femenil crying on date 5 of the 2022 Opening of Liga MX Femenil, due to an alleged knee injury that, at first glance , appeared to be a ligament rupture.

Fortunately, the defense was taken to the hospital to undergo medical tests and rule out a complicated injury. His team gave a first report through their social networks, letting it be known that the Chihuahuan’s discomfort is not serious.

“Good news, Tuzobrinos! After the first studies carried out on Karen Díaz at the CEMA Clinic, it was determined that the injury is not serious, but she must undergo a rehabilitation period. We know that you will come back stronger!” .

Karen Diaz fell to the ground when she tried to go for the ball. Immediately companions and rivals approached her to then give space to the medical staff, who determined that she should leave the meeting on a stretcher to be sent to the clinic to be reviewed by specialists.

The player from Hidalgo is immovable in the starting eleven of Juan Carlos Cacho. At this start of Apertura 2022, she registers the five games played to add 390 minutes on the field for two yellow cards; Today, Tuesday, August 02, she is wearing long tablecloths.

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Karen Díaz has just turned 24 years old and is part of the pioneers of women’s soccer. Since the Apertura 2017 she is part of the Tuzas of Club Pachuca. In five years in a row she has scored five goals and is one of the institution’s favorite defenders.

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