Liga MX Femenil: José Cuate assures that Toluca deserves much more than the place it has

Mexico.- This Saturday Toluca returned to add a defeat in the Liga MX Women and it seems that they are not expected results for Jose Cuate who assured that his team has arrival and control of the ball, even a goal but still they do not get the results, the defense issue is one of those that will have to be placated prior to date 10.

“We have to continue working, yes it hits, it is a reality in that part, but we are going to get up, we have to continue working as we have been doing. We have not played bad games, we just have to be more forceful and become solid, they are situations that we are going to correct to put this team where it deserves, “he said at a press conference.

José Cuate as Toluca could get the 3 points but Blue Cross who never stopped trying launched the attack that at the last minute managed to turn the scoreboard and make the great game of the State of Mexico go overboard.

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Despite the bad result of this day of the Liga MX Femenil, Toluca will have time to try to correct the bad and that for the next opportunity they can play a better game. It would be until September 27 when they host Puebla, another team that has shown good things but is not given things.

Toluca Femenil lost the match in the last minutes | Photo: Capture

José Cuate to close the conference made it clear that Toluca is to fight in the Liga MX Femenil, it does not matter where it is, he trusts that they will reach Liguilla at all costs, “while mathematically we are competing, we will not lower our arms to achieve the objective of the Liguilla “, sentenced.

Toluca, like the rest of the teams in the Liga MX Femenil, will have a one-week stoppage of activity to attend the FIFA date where the clubs must yield certain players to their national teams, where there are already foreign players and they have also been requested by their clubs.

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