Liga MX Femenil: FC Juárez puts America in trouble, who barely draws a tie

Chihuahua.- The start of the activity this Sunday of the Liga MX Women was in charge of FC Juárez and Club América, a duel that was expected to be totally different from what was seen on the field. America could not score until the last minutes when he arrived as a favorite, while the Bravas dominated much of the duel.

The actions began very early in Ciudad Juárez with a light load on the side of the America club who just at minute 14 already had a penalty in favor with which they hoped to have an early advantage but Janelly Farías He could not score and missed the goal, which gave FC Juárez confidence that they were coming from a victory and an improvement.

The rest of the first half there were no more dangerous actions for the goalkeepers of both teams, so they were tied at zero. I wanted everything for the second half. America with some casualties was trying to give its best game after the also draw against Pumas last day. For the beginning of the second half things changed in favor of the locals.

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Ana González, who has already proven that it is to win in the Liga MX Femenil, sent some changes that bore fruit in the 62nd minute when Silvia Elicerio got up further inside the América area to send the ball to the back for 1-0 with a header. So things were complicated for the visit who did not understand how they were going down.

FC Juárez adds for the second consecutive day | Photo: Jam Media

After the annotation, FC Juárez contained America very well, closing the spaces and all forms of creating danger. But there was a small error at minute 85 that gave a new penalty to America who would find the goal now, but with Daniela Espinosa who sent her to the bottom for 1-1. Thus ended the game and points were distributed in a duel that they were close to losing.

In the end, FC Juárez added again in the Liga MX Femenil and already has 5 points, remaining in 16th place, for its part, America with the tie dropped to fourth position with 20 points, which leaves it at the mercy of continuing to lose places if the other clubs add this Sunday.

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