Liga MX Femenil: Atlético de San Luis and Atlas tie in a high-caliber duel

San Luis Potosí.- The Alfonso Lastras Stadium experienced a round-trip contest between the players of the Atlético de San Luis Femenil and Female Atlas. Despite the fact that the main guest was beaten, emotions were experienced on the surface in this duel on matchday 9 of Grita México Ap2021 of the Liga MX Women.

Jesús Padrón and Fernando Samayoa presented a diverse eleven from their past games but very convincing in terms of the performance of the match. The Rojinegras would be the first to approach the door of Ivette Alvarado. A service in the small area was tried to make a goal of rabona but the definition was not precise to overtake the tapatías.

The revolutions began to slow down in a few moments but the goalkeeper and captain of the Atlas, Ana Gaby Paz, was precise in his demarcation that he managed to pat a shot with a goal direction by Citlati Hernández, exceeding 10 ‘in the second half.

From one moment to the next the levels leveled off again and the tapatías reacted but the post prevented the goal cry, however, it would not be the only one who would deny a goal in the commitment, because at the moment of stoking the Jaliscience defense the ball Gaby Paz’s crossbar burst and the duel would continue in a draw half an hour into the game.

San Luis and Atlas tie at zero
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Knowing that the game would be for one of the two templates, both Padrón and Samayoa included fresh people in the last quarter of the match. San Luis sent two referents and Atlas gave minutes to Alison González, who in his first opportunity was nowhere to lodge the ball in the nets, but the right vertical returned to save San Luis.

At that time it was believed that it would be all to live in the Alfonso Lastras, however, a new flash of the Atlas hit the post, although in the rebound the visitors tried to take advantage of the opportunity but Ivette Alvarado threw herself to her left and rejected the shot to end a goalless draw in San Luis Potosí.

Ana Gaby Paz appeared with Atlas against San Luis
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In this way, the Potosinas add five points in the Grita México Ap2021 of the Liga MX Femenil and will continue in the penultimate position. Atlas reached twelve units and will remain in the league zone waiting for what the Gophers do during their visit to the University of Tigres Femenil tonight.

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