Liga MX: Diego Cocca is confident that Atlas will recover his best version

The Atlas they fell surprisingly against FC Juárez at the start of Matchday 9 of the Liga MX, so once again the red and black team failed to string together consecutive victories. With this result, the team is in 15th position with 8 points, waiting for what happens in the match Blue Crosswhich can overcome him.

Despite this, Diego Cocca He asked to remain calm and assured that he remains confident that they will rediscover their best version. At the end of the match against the bravethe technical director of the Atlas indicated that he understands the confidence of the fans, but asked them for patience and confidence.

“If there is no discontent I would be worried, I trust the players a lot, I trust the commitment, tomorrow we will talk, we will work and think about how we should grow together. As I told you, trust that there is little left” and added that they have to work physically, the mental, the tactical, and recognized that in the Opening 2022 They are not one hundred percent.

However, Cocca insisted that they are fully committed to reversing this situation. In addition, he considered that the tight schedule of this tournament in the Liga MXplus the lack of preseason they had after achieving the two-time championship in the Closure 2022have been detrimental factors.

“Draw conclusions, draw the positive because the challenge is to play every three days, without preseason and then come out champion. We have to accept reality and that is that we are going to play every three days. We must adapt. The reinforcements arrived, one was injured. That we are, with that we have to do the most”, concluded Nock.

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For Day 10 of the 2022 Opening, the Atlas will return to Jalisco Stadiumwhere he will face Puebla, which remains in the playoff zone but has not found victory either. The Strip has 6 games without a win and 4 draws in a row, so it will be a good opportunity for the red and black team to achieve a victory in front of their fans.

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