Liga MX: Chivas fans demonstrated at the club’s arrival in CDMX

Mexico City.- Chivas de Guadalajara landed in the Capital of the Mexican Republic with a view to facing the Pumas of the UNAM on Sunday on the field of the Olympic University Stadium, in what will be the game corresponding to day 8 of Grita México Ap2021 of the MX League.

The team of Victor Manuel Vucetich He arrives with the illusion of achieving a good result despite not having two of his referents in the attack, Alexis Vega and Ángel Zaldívar, who did not make the trip to CDMX due to being on the herd’s injured list.

Despite that, they undertook the trip with the certainty of continuing with their good moment after winning in their last commitment in the MX League, although the only circumstance that the “King Midas” team is going through is the attitude in the game, something that does not leave the rojiblancos fans in the background, who took advantage of the club’s arrival in the City to continue demonstrating against managers and players.

Although the Chivas animation group stated that they would not receive them at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), as a sign of his anger at the presentation given by the Guadalajara team after seven days in the championship.

Chivas fans welcome the club to the AICM
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His word was fulfilled and only a certain number of fans came to the airport to receive the Chivas first team, however, different pages of the twelve-time Mexican soccer champion began to spread certain images of his fans, who came with blankets that incorporated phrases of discontent against “King Midas” and the rest of the team.

The attitude of the Chivas, the lack of scoring and not generating the expectation is something that annoys the fans who demand a change in the squad, because with what they see in this first half of the 2021 Apertura they assure that it will not become a candidate team for the league title.

Chivas will take to the Ciudad Universitaria field on Sunday, September 12 to try to win its third victory of the season. After 7 days they are placed in eleventh place with 9 units. If they achieve victory, they would climb positions that would provide a respite to the coach and the players themselves from the pressure of their audience.

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