Liga MX: Atlas traces back to Rayados and takes fourth place in the standings

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- The Rojinegros del Atlas They obtained a more than important triumph on this day 8 of the Grita México Ap2021 of Liga MX to ascend to the fourth place in the general table. Despite going down in the result for more than 45 minutes, they managed to go back to about Striped They started on the right foot, but the rest of the game began to take a nosedive until they fell at the Jalisco Stadium.

Although the visitors hit the Calzada de Independencia first after a work that framed Duvan vergara. His classic feint allowed him to shoot towards the edge of Camilo Vargas’s cabin to overtake Monterrey during the first quarter of an hour of the contest.

Minutes later the Argentine Julius Caesar Furch he had the tie when he entered the Luis Cárdenas area, but at the time of the shot he did not contact the ball and let out a big one for the Academy. However, it seemed that Jairo Torres would put order in the scoreboard, although at the time of his shot he was located in a forward position and everything remained the same.

Luis Cárdenas celebrates Rayados’ goal
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The people of Monterrey continued to insist with the second in their favor that they would find it after the auction of Arturo “Ponchito” González, however, with the help of his forearm he took the ball and when the play was observed, VAR staff notified the referee to annul the goal of the Mexican.

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Julio César Furch controls the ball
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The Fury would have life and at the beginning of the complementary part Julian Quinones He put Cárdenas into action to pat his shot, but his own shot was a warning, as seconds later the Colombian took advantage of the drifting ball to tie the game, exceeding 61 ‘.

Quiñones begins to take a good rhythm under the orders of Diego Cocca who came close to scoring his first double as an athlete, but he raised his shot too high and forgave Rayados, different from Julio Furch who took advantage of Bryan Garnica’s center to turn the ball around. match and thus the Atlas achieved victory at home.

Duvan Vergara between two rivals
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In this way, he has 13 units in the Liga MX Tournament after winning his third victory. Rayados, for his part, will remain with 11 points but will be subject to descending places, as there are certain games to be played on this day 8.

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