Life of a 13-year-old girl in danger due to alleged negligence of the IMSS in Tamaulipas

Tamaulipas.- A 13-year-old girl is in serious condition after procedures performed by doctors from the Mexican Institute of Social Security of Ciudad Madero in Tamaulipas they will help little so that the health of the minor will improve, he denounced Carlos Agundis Perez, father of the girl.

According to the national media Millennium, the man said that he has also had to put money from his own purse, since the IMSS says it does not have the instruments that the minor requires.

As reported by Carlos, his daughter has been hospitalized at the IMSS clinic for about two months because she suffers from nephrotic syndrome, a disease that damages the kidneys.

He said that since he took his daughter, he asked that she be treated by a specialist and the doctors only go “in error after error”, since he assured that his daughter has not presented any evolution, to the extent that a few days ago the youngest fell into seizures and after that, the youngest expressed, “that he no longer wants anything, that he wants to go“, a situation that has broken Carlos’s heart for what he now asks is that his daughter be given good care.

The news outlet added that Carlos said that since the minor was admitted, on July 11, doctors were told that she had to be treated by specialists since her condition requires it, which has not been known so far. has given her, causing the minor’s health to worsen.

He denounced that due to the lack of specialized care, the minor’s health worsened and they had to put a catheter for dialysis, however, after consulting the minor’s case with a nephrologist specialist in Reynosa, he told them that it was necessary to put a new one. catheter in the neck for hemodialysis, and although they made the IMSS know what was mentioned by the specialist. They have not put it on, since the person in charge of the medical observation of his daughter has said that the process is in process.

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Given the little response, the man had to buy the instruments and the new catheter with great sacrifice and although they scheduled her to do the operation this Friday, he pointed out that the doctors have gone to rest so it will be until next Monday when the minor Return to the operating room to place the instrument to perform the hemodialysis since the previous one was incorrectly placed and the fluid accumulated in the minor’s body could not be extracted.

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