Letters from the Beyond – Babe Ruth’s to Yu Darvish

Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE). “If you remember your childhood, you will love all the children in the world” … -Babe Ruth.

“Children do not know how to fake a smile” … -Babe Ruth.


My dear Yu:

I like your name for short, and I like you because you consider that making a child happy is the best gift you can give yourself.

Once I forgot I had a game at Yankee Stadium, because I went to celebrate a boy’s birthday with his neighborhood friends. They fined me $ 500.

And now your beautiful story with that child, who will never forget you. and will always love baseball. Let me run it over:

The creature, whose name is Landon, a supporter of your team, the Padres, lives in Tennessee, quite far from San Diego, about three thousand 300 kilometers. So, as soon as it was announced that you guys would be playing closer, in Atlanta, visiting the Braves, Landon’s dad got a day’s leave from work and got his old car ready for the three-and-a-half hour drive.

“That was the birthday present that he wanted, since he has reached 10 years of age,” explained the father, who has also related:

“The trip was very pleasant and we arrived at ‘Truist Park’, but it rained very hard and it was impossible to play. I couldn’t wait for the next day. He only had one day’s leave. Suddenly, while it was still raining, we saw that a player, getting wet and everything, was signing autographs, so we went down to near the field, and it was Yu Darvish. Landon carried a ball and asked him to sign it, which Darvish did with a friendly smile.

“We told him about our odyssey, with the trip of more than three hours, and Landon told him that he felt very good, even without seeing the game, for the signed ball. Darvish responded with a smile and a caress for my son. When Landon’s mother found out, she sent you a message of gratitude.

And in just hours, olé !, they received a formal invitation in Tennessee for Landon and his father to visit San Diego and see a complete series. You would send airfare, and pay hotel and other expenses, in addition to providing tickets for the games.

Landon’s dad took a weekend to accept the invitation. And not only did you pay for all those travel expenses, but before and after each of the three games, you offered VIP treatment to your guests.

Nice story, friend Yu. From this More Here, I wish you all the good in the world … Babe.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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