Legislators of the Peruvian right demand to see the body of the founder of Shining Path

Congressmen of the Right of Peru demanded this Monday to see the corpse of the historical head of the Maoist guerrilla Shining Path, Abimael Guzmán, while the body remains since Saturday in the morgue waiting for the prosecution to decide whether to hand it over to the imprisoned widow for burial.

The prosecution must make a decision in the next few hours amid press versions of a teleconference between the prosecutor and Elena Yparraguirre, Guzmán’s widow and number two in the Maoist organization in Peru.

Yparraguirre, who has been serving a life sentence since 1992 in a Lima jail, authorized a third party to collect the body from the morgue to bury it.

Since the death of Abimael guzman At the age of 86 on Saturday, claims to see his body arose due to the suspicions of some who consider that the left-wing president Pedro Castillo sympathized with the Shining Path, something that the president flatly denies.

“I am very sorry that the prosecution authorities have prevented me from verifying if the body they have in the Callao Morgue is that of the terrorist Abimael Guzmán,” tweeted Congressman José Cueto, a former admiral who led anti-terrorist operations a decade ago.

Cueto, from the far-right Renovación Popular party, denounced that the prosecution ordered that no one enter the morgue.

“We will continue in search of knowing if it really is him,” said Congresswoman Marta Moyano, who suggested “cremating him” so that his followers do not worship him.

Spokesmen for the eight parties in Congress signed a statement in support of the cremation of Guzmán’s body.

“We consider that the body of the genocidal Abimael Guzmán should be cremated. The powers of the State are urged to defend democratic stability, in addition to condemning any action or expression that represents links with terrorism,” the statement said.

The questions continue despite the fact that the police verified it on Sunday.

“It has been reliably confirmed, after scientific studies, that the person who died at the Callao Naval Base is the head of the Shining Path, Abimael Guzmán,” the police said after conducting forensic examinations.

Guzmán’s body, who according to the prosecution died of “bilateral pneumonia” in a maximum security naval prison where he had been serving a life sentence since 1992, has since been in police custody in the Callao morgue.

Justice Minister Aníbal Torres suggested on Saturday that he be cremated because it is an “extraordinary situation.”

“I have stated that this situation is particular, extraordinary, because it is a person who was a genocide; therefore, offering him a burial just like another citizen can lead to his followers paying homage to him, and thus promoting violence again. in the country, “the minister told RPP radio.

Guzmán, a university professor of philosophy, spent his last 29 years in prison, condemned as the intellectual responsible for one of the bloodiest conflicts in Latin America, with 70,000 deaths according to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

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