Learn from the best! Óscar Valdez after winning Robson Conceicao never stopped listening to Canelo Álvarez’s notes

United States.- After a controversial fight of Oscar Valdez and the brazilian Robson Conception In 12 rounds for the super featherweight title of the WBC and that the Mexican remained by decision, the calm came for Valdez when the best pound for pound in world boxing welcomed him with excellent advice to improve his technique, that was Canelo Álvarez.

After finishing the fight and seeing Óscar Valdez severely affected by the Brazilian’s blows, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez He waited for him in his locker room to continue giving him advice that would work for him for his next fight. The man from Guadalajara did not hesitate to congratulate him but also to mark some of the mistakes he made and that led him to have those blows to the face.

Through social networks a video was circulated in which Óscar Valdez appears greeting all those who accompanied him and congratulated for retaining the title, the only one who focused on improving was Canelo Álvarez, who since he saw him wear began to give him more advice how to defend yourself, to always remain calm and above all, that these fights will give you experience.

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“You have to be patient, feint, I had already read you, you wanted to catch it; you didn’t change a single blow. Everything we did in the gym, you wanted to catch it with a blow, not an uppercut with experience, the good thing is that you won”, were the words of Canelo Álvarez who, together with the explanation, showed him how to hit.

Óscar Valdez still stunned by the strong beating they gave him, just listened and thanked each one of the words of the one who almost also became his coach. The Canelo Team continues to reap a title and a lot of fame, which has given more confidence to all those who belong to it.

Canelo Álvarez euphoric with the victory of Óscar Valdez | Photo: Capture

Although the public was not very happy, in their opinion it was not a good fight for the Mexican who they assure they gave him the win without even being the best in the fight. They allege that the Brazilian hit more and with greater precision but that the duel was more evaluated by the judges. Nor should we forget that prior to the fight Valdez tested positive in an anti-doping test that was not punished either.

Even with all that Óscar Valdez from Canelo Team fulfilled his duel in 2021 with which he will possibly close waiting for what Canelo Álvarez does now next November 6 with the exhibition of his super middleweight titles before Caleb Plant in search of the unification and close the year for the Mexican team.

Learn from the best! Óscar Valdez after winning Robson Conceicao never stopped listening to Canelo Álvarez’s notes


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