Laura Flores appears at the hospital with oxygen and unleashes everyone’s concern

Miami.- The Mexican actress and singer, Laura Floreswent to his Instagram account to share a video from the hospital and using oxygen to inform his followers about his current state of health. The artist left everyone with their mouths open by letting herself be seen in a very vulnerable situation, but she said that she is better.

Laura shared that she is recovering from knee surgery in Miamito which she was subjected because she suffers from osteoarthritis, which is why they placed a titanium knee.

“Hello my hearts, I’m already in recovery, I came out of the surgery well, I’m grateful to God, thanks for your prayers and well, they’re going to make me walk soon, but don’t talk, you have to feel like it and be brave” Flores shared.

Laura Flores, 58 years old, thanked her followers, family, friends and work colleagues for all the displays of affection, messages full of support and prayers she has received in recent days and, during an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante He detailed his operation.

“They had to replace my right knee because it was already in pieces with osteoarthritis, and the truth was that it was costing me a lot of work to deal with the knee, a lot of pain and to put up with it so that it would not be noticed,” he said about his condition.

With that personality that characterizes her, the artist was in a good mood and even joked about her illness, commenting: “thank God I already have a titanium knee, I’m the bionic woman, I hope they don’t make me angry, because with a kick They’ll see how it goes.”

It was back in the year 2008 when Laura Flores started with knee problemsbut after an operation, things improved, until September of last year, when her discomfort returned, after suffering a fall, which deteriorated her condition and led her to develop osteoarthritis, which today led her to surgery and shortly to rehab, receiving physical therapy within the next six months.

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