Landslide in a Chiapas community traps two people

Chiapas.- The recent rains in the south of the country have left significant damage, after that during the afternoon of this Sunday, members of two families were affected by the landslide of a hill in the municipality of Union Juarez in the community of Chiquihuite in Chiapas, at the moment two people are reported trapped between the mud and the stones.

This was reported by users on social networks who shared evidence of the damage caused by the avalanche of mud and stones that buried at least two homes in that community.

For his part, the correspondent of Reforma Group from the southern region of the country, Gared H Clemente through social networks, who detailed that Civil Protection Brigades and the Mexican Army are already participating in the relief efforts for the population.

They report landslide in a Chiapas community

At the moment authorities have not given details about what happened, however, preliminary reports from Civil Protection in Tuxtla el Chico have reported that the Suchiate River channel has increased its level, putting nearby communities at risk.

It is estimated that at least 200 people and 45 families have been affected after the overflow of the Suchiate River after the intense rainfall caused the elevation of the natural border that divides Mexico from Guatemala.

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The most affected localities have been the community of Francisco Villa, belonging to Tuxtla Chico, where several families had to be evacuated to be transferred to a temporary shelter.

They go by helicopter for a woman to the Sierra de San Ignacio, Sinaloa


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