LAMP: The preseason of the Tomateros de Culiacán is strengthened

This Sunday, the tenth day of the Tomateros de Culiacán camp, prior to the 2021-22 season, it was strengthened with the incorporation of four important members of the two-time championship.

Sebastián Elizalde, Ramiro Peña, Alí ​​Solís and Alexis Wilson, had their first training session at the Tomateros Stadium and began their work route, facing the historical challenge that the battle for the three-time championship implies.

In addition, the hitting coach, Juan Carlos Canizales, also joined. The first group began their work at 8:45 AM. The work consisted of physical conditioning, practicing infield fielding fundamentals, as well as outfields, bullpen for pitchers and hitting for sluggers.

Ali Solís returned after a year of absence. Photo: Courtesy.

After two hours, the first group withdrew and gave way to the second, who carried out the same activities. It all ended around 1 PM. With the arrival of these four players, the group now has 34 players in practice camp.

Alexis Wilson sweating the icing flannel. Photo: Courtesy.

All supervised by the bench coach Noé Muñoz, who has the support of Jorge Tellaeche, Heriberto García, Héctor Álvarez, Martín Enríquez, Francisco Campos, Ramón Valdez, Luis Izabal and the newcomer Canizales. This Monday the appointment is at 8:45 AM, with the same logistics, at the home of the Guinda Nation, the Tomateros Stadium.


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