LaLiga has filed complaints for the racist chants that took place in the Madrid duel

Once again LaLiga is involved in issues of racism and now a complaint is unleashed by the directors about the Madrid derby where Atlético de Madrid fans made racist chants against Viniciuis.

It seems that Spanish fans are being very intolerant on this topic and they are gaining passion about something that is very unfortunate and they look very bad in the world image.

According to Récord, this Thursday LaLiga formally filed a complaint with the Royal Spanish Football Federation and Anti-Violence for the more than 20 irregularities that Atlético de Madrid had towards the 14-time winner of the UEFA Champions League and towards the Brazilian.

The document describes racist chants before, during and after the meeting against Vinicius Jr. as well as the incident in which several lighters were thrown onto the playing field, which were directed at former Atleti goalkeeper Thibout Courtois.

Now it’s in the hands of federation as Antiviolencia those who will make the decision if the mattress fans are punished for the unfortunate fact of their songs.

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The punishment for this type of act can range from an economic fine to a partial veto of the property.

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